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Is Echo Dot Safe for Kids?

Is Echo Dot Safe for Kids?

As parents we want to ensure there are parental controls when our kids use devices that potential could cause them harm. The Echo dot is a device...

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Will Awareness Lead to Change?

I see a lot of attention being given to bullying and cyberbullying.  You can hardly watch TV without seeing a message on shows targeted to kids like the Disney channel.  That is great  and I hope that this increase in awareness can lead to change. 

Tips to Help Protect Your Kids’ Online Privacy

1. Set the privacy settings on the browsers your kids use.

 It’s important to check out the privacy settings on all your preferred browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome) to see if you have a “Do Not Track” option so that tracking cookies will not be installed.

2. Discuss basic privacy steps with your kids to help them be on their guard when they go online

First, explain that everything your child says or does online is public. Common Sense Media offers nine tips for parents to share with their kids before they go online.

3. Be aware of how online companies use your kids’ data or personal identifying information.

Company websites can collect data on every single form of interaction you have with their site, including any link you click and any kind of information you provide on an online form.