Are you searching the market for headphones for your kid? Or you recently just bought your kid a headphone and it turned out to be a disappointing experience?

So you’re on the search for the best headphones with excellent audio quality for your kid so they can enjoy listening to their favourite artists or songs.

Well, you’re in the right place as we’re going to be discussing some of the best headphones in the market. We’ve gone through all the stress for you so you don’t have to worry about counterfeit headphones, bad sound quality, etc. We also found loads of different options from other resources and websites; like, and even

Tips Choosing Children’s Headphones

Noise Cancellation: Children encounter a lot of noisy environments and this affects the quality of the audio.

This is why it is necessary to get headphones with noise-cancelling features so they can hear whatever they’re listening to clearly.

Volume Limiter

When getting headphones you should ensure to get one with a volume limiter feature.

This is a great safety feature that helps you set the volume limit to one that’s proper for your kids. So you can protect them from long term hearing damage


Children can sometimes be careless with their belongings. So it’s important to check for this feature when choosing a headphone for your kid.

So even when they’re not careful with the headphones it still lasts long.

Sound Quality

Any headphone needs to have great sound quality as that is the main function of headphones.

So when searching for headphones, it is necessary to consider how good the sound quality is to ensure you get the best for your money’s worth.


Your kid’s comfort should be a priority when choosing a headphone. It is necessary to choose something that’s easy to put on and doesn’t hurt after been used for quite a while.


Adult headphones can be safe for kids but it is advised you completely avoid them not only because of the lack of safety features on them but also because they don’t fit.

Children headphones must be smaller, lightweight, durable and adjustable so it fits your child perfectly.

Best Kids Wireless Headphones in 2021

1. ONANOFF Kids Buddyphones

This is the most durable headphone with IP67 waterproof. It’s kid-proof and kid-safe which makes it able to withstand anything with a safe volume that can be adjusted to suit your kid’s age. It also comes with active noise cancellation which is perfect for whichever environment your kid finds themselves in. Buddy phones are made from the best quality materials so it’s durable and reliable. It also has a strong lasting battery life. Although expensive, this kiddies headphone is worth the price.

2. LilGadget Untangled Wireless Headphones

LilGadget wireless headphones are made of durable materials which makes them portable and reliable. It comes in six different colors with ear pads that are specially designed with your child’s comfort in mind. With a limited volume and passive noise reduction features so your kids can hear clearly at minimal volume.It is also great for travelling because of its long lasting battery.

3. JBL JR300BT Wireless Headphones:

This JBL wireless headphone comes in the color blue and orange with safe sound designed to limit volume below 85dB which makes them safe for kids of various ages. It also comes with ear cushions that are comfortable and also easy child control friendly buttons. JR300BT has a long lasting battery and a quick recharge feature so your kids can enjoy it for as long as they want to. It is lightweight, wireless, foldable and has an amazing sound quality.

4. iClever BTH12 Headphones:

This iClever children’s headphone can stand the test of time(durable) along with cushioned ear bands and adjustable headband to ensure your child is comfortable always.
It has 3 distinct listening modes: 74dB, 85dB and 94dB. 74dB is the limit for toddler’s while 74dB/85dB is best for studying and 94dB is perfect for travel and this headphone keeps the noise out so your kids can hear clearly regardless of the listening mode they’re on. It’s long lasting battery can last for up to 40hrs and just 10 minutes of charge gives you 4 hours. BTH12 also comes with a built in microphone and bluetooth connection that’s stable for as far as 36 feet.

Our Favorite Headphones

ONANOFF Kids Buddyphones Wave – This headphone is our favourite as it is 1P67 waterproof so it can withstand water while being able to take whatever your kid throws at it. It also comes with 4 safe volume settings ( from 75dB, 85dB, 95dB and study mode) that can be easily adjusted depending on your kid’s age. Not only is it reliable and durable it also has a long lasting battery life of 18 hours. Buddyphones wave has the hypoallergenic cushion earbuds with an effective noise cancellation feature.