While double-checking the meaning of trolling, I found one of the most important aspects of “trolling” is that the person who is being trolled doesn’t even know it! Trolling is an artful deception of a person, and its sole purpose is cruelty.

Facebook recently disclosed that more than 8.7 million of their users are fake. So these fake accounts that were created are for … ? Pedophiles creeping about looking for little girls or little boys to mess around with …? Cyberbullying …? Personal Soap Box for unmerited cruelty?

Yes, we live in a free country, with free speech … yet shouldn’t we be using that freedom for the good of people, without hiding behind fake personas? Or is this freedom to harm others, which in turn is taking away their right for “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of  Happiness” just because you want to be a troll? Yuck!

So who are the Trolls? With the number of fake Facebook accounts being so high, there’s a chance that your kid could be the victim of a Troll, which means they don’t know it … and if they don’t know it … do you? Unless you know what’s going on with their Social Media life, and as a reasonable adult can discern who is on the other side of the computer contacting your kid