There’s lots of noise about Facebook officially changing its policy related to kids under 12 years old.  Facebook is creating software that would allow kids 12 and under to use Facebook with parental supervision, per the Wall Street Journal.  This will clearly allow Facebook to go after a very large demographic. According to  Consumer Reports, there are more than seven million kids 12 and under on the site  already, who have lied about being 13 or older.  From what I understand, often parents will even help underage kids set it up.

Kids don’t need another way to grow up too quickly.  They really don’t. Have you ever tried to buy a dress or bathing suit for your little girl or preteen?! Has anyone else noticed that play patterns have changed dramatically in the past five years?  Little kids are always playing on their parents’ phones or tablets.  Little kids are practically glued to technology, just not quite as much as teens.

With childhood obesity on the rise, why on earth would any parents think kids need another thing to get drawn into?   Have they not had to shut down a computer or take away their kid’s video game simply to get their attention?  I know I have.  Little kids should be building up their imaginations and running around getting exercise and exploring the real world … with the protection of their parents.

I don’t let my 7th grader have a Facebook account because I really can’t think of anything good that will come from it … so you can be sure that my younger ones will NOT be creating a page anytime soon.

Because if they do, I will know it … I know the power and importance of a monitoring solution.