It almost seems like the bathroom could end up being every child’s nemesis no matter how old they grow. However, you can get your children to spend more time in the bathroom with intelligent designs that make bath time enjoyable. Some of these kid-friendly bathroom ideas are listed below. 

Here are friendly bathroom design ideas for kid bathrooms:

  1. Let your kids be the architect
  2. Bring the walls to life with wallpapers
  3. Install the right fixtures
  4. Install fancy lights

Continue reading to discover how to incorporate these tips to transform your child’s bathroom from a bland space to a comfortable getaway. 

4 Bathroom design ideas your kids will love

Let your kids be the architect

As parents and guardians, one common mistake is assuming we know what’s best for our kids all the time. Half the time, we might be correct, but it is always best to get your child’s input when making long-term, lasting decisions like bathroom decor. There are several cute children’s bathroom design ideas to consider, but none would excite your kid as much as their original idea. 

Bring the walls to life with wallpapers

The walls in the bathroom set the mood, and it is important to get it just right. Of course, you can paint the walls, but that is a lot of work for a design your child might get tired of before the month ends. Using wallpaper allows you to put up several designs and make changes without putting too much strain on your budget. Of the many children’s bathroom ideas for you to consider, this is most expressive as a result is only limited to your imaginations. 

Install the right fixtures

Your child’s bathroom experience can be made or marred with your choice of bathroom fixtures. You should ensure that the fixtures you have installed in the bathroom check both aesthetics and functionality boxes. Some fixtures you want to have in your children’s bathroom include but are not limited to the following:

  • Double sink
  • Step stool or pull-out step
  • Pivoting mirror

Install fancy lights

Nothing brings all the above-listed ideas like installing fancy lights. However, you also do not want to overdo it. Putting too many different shades and types of lights could come off as tacky. Check out these bathroom design inspirations for cool ways to incorporate fancy lights in your kid’s bathroom. 

Keep it simple

It’s very easy to be tempted to put any and everything you can lay your hands on in your kid’s bathroom, but less is more when it comes to bathroom design. So, please keep it simple.