I see a lot of attention being given to bullying and cyberbullying.  You can hardly watch TV without seeing a message on shows targeted to kids like the Disney channel.  That is great  and I hope that this increase in awareness can lead to change.   But bullying has been around since, well, forever.   It is just more tricky now because the abuse can be done with tools like cellphones and the computer.

Every week we read about a tragedy involving kids tormenting other kids and kids feeling like they have no choice but to end their lives.  As a mother, this breaks my heart.   I have to believe that it is not natural for a young girl to hang herself.  How would she learn how to do it?  I am confident that she did an online search.  There is software that you can use that will alert you if certain key words are searched (such as “how to hang yourself.”) A parent can receive an email immediately upon such an action.

I wish more parents would take the time to protect their kids online and understand what they are doing there.  As a mom of 5, I totally get that people are not lazy and it is not because they don’t care … they are just overwhelmed with the day-to-day life of a parent. It can be really challenging and exhausting but sometimes the things in life that are most important to do, are not the most urgent.