I just read that former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi today was sentenced to 30 days in jail by a New Jersey judge for spying on his roommate during an intimate moment. Ravi’s freshman roommate Tyler Clementi committed suicide days later. The prosecution, which sought a significant prison term, indicated it will appeal the judge’s sentence.

I actually was kind of surprised that the sentencing was that light. The world is certainly watching this case, because it has become a poster child for the dangers and consequences of cyberbullying. Apparently, Ravi did not appear to be remorseful, at least to the judge who made this observation:

“I do not believe he hated Tyler Clementi,” Judge Glenn Berman told the court. “He had no reason to, but I do believe he acted out of colossal insensitivity. I heard this jury say, ‘guilty’ 288 times — 24 questions, 12 jurors. That’s the multiplication,” Berman said. “I haven’t heard you apologize once.”

As a mother, I can feel the pain of both sets of parents. A big lesson here is that we need to teach our kids the difference between right and wrong and what is a joke and what is cruel. The Internet increases everyone’s footprint and consequences are real and sometimes cannot be made right.