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Nameless Face

By Teen WritersMarch 15, 2013

Nameless Face By Tom Sawyer 17 South Florida

Friendless, I stumble down the hall

Downtrodden, despondent, eyes downcast

Shuffling my feet to the next class

A sea of students surrounds me

Yet I feel all alone, remaining unknown.

Funny isn’t it?

School, a place to learn, grow…to find yourself

We camouflage who we are, hiding behind our own façade

This four year masquerade disheartens me

Passing the days as a detainee

Sitting in class, I try to block out a jeer

A face full of shame, I want to disappear disappear

“Gosh, I’m just kidding. Can’t you take a joke,” they respond

Shrugging this off, I slide down in my chair

My face may say otherwise, but I really do care

Have you ever taken the time to know more about me?

Does it even occur to you my problems are real?

You aren’t the only person in this world

Before you go around judging, labeling, generalizing

Look in the mirror, you may not like what you see

Do you think I am stupid?

I have a mind just like you

With feelings the same that can be battered and bruised

This abuse is not outright, it’s really quite subtle

But it doesn’t take much for my spirits to crumble

What’s that you say? Things will get better?

If you are so sure then answer me this

When have you dealt with my own tribulation?

That’s right, you have not, so thanks for the try

But your hollow words do not bring consolation

“I feel kinda bad for him, for friends he has none”

Close your mouth, shut your trap,

Your pity, I hate

All I wish is my voice to be valued and heard

Not wrote off and laughed at like something absurd

I am sure you have all felt similar too

The only feeling inside you a passionate scream

But what do we do?

We sit there in silence

Hold the emotions inside

While darkness envelops our minds as a whole

As we fade to the black and lose all control

I am the nameless face

An insipid, spiritless, abandoned face

You see my face each day

But in reality, you never see – never even try to see

The person who is me


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