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Summer: Plenty of Time to Ruin One’s Image

By Parenting Today's KidsMay 18, 2012

Summer is just around the corner. If you’re like me, you are busy downloading forms for camps and searching out activities and looking into ways to make sure that your kids have a great summer. Yes, I am a person who doesn’t usually miss a deadline but who needs to scramble around at the last minute to make things happen! (I am NOT like your friend who has the Christmas shopping done by December 1 and buys the firecrackers in May.)

Anyhow, as you make plans to make sure your kids are safe and entertained this summer, be sure to not forget to recognize they most likely will be spending TONS time with their friends and possibly strangers all from the comfort of your home. No, not at your home but online.

Make a plan now to put in the correct parental controls and set guidelines for your kids who will have more free time. Remember your kids are a year older than last year (this can make a big difference between 12 years old and 13 years old) and with growing up means new parenting challenges. Yes. Little kid, little problem. Big Kid, big problem. Anyhow, now is a great time to sit them down again (even if it means their eyes roll back until they can see their brains) and remind them the importance of Internet safety and the some of the serious consequences that can come with making poor choices that are permanent and can ruin their reputation.

Be sure to use real life examples to make it more real to your kids. You should not have to look much farther than Yahoo News to get these examples, since there practically isn’t a day that goes by where a kid makes a poor choice related to the Internet that makes national news.

Happy Summer Planning!


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  1. Diligentdad says:

    I care, therefore I monitor. No monitoring, big mistake. Little monitoring, little safety. Should I go on?

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