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Florida District School Board Votes To Ban Energy Drinks

By Parenting Today's KidsJuly 31, 2012

Florida District School Board Votes To Ban Energy Drinks:

Florida District School Board of  Manatee County, located south of Tampa Bay near Bradenton, recently voted to ban energy drinks in the district’s schools.  Why are drinks like Red Bull even offered at schools in the first place?  Don’t these people know that kids + lots of caffeine = your life just got harder?  Wow.  As a Florida resident (and mom of 5),  I hope that other schools do the same.

What surprised me is that schools across the country are considering banning or have already banned chocolate milk, because of its high sugar content.  Wait a minute … across the nation we are banning chocolate milk BEFORE we ban the energy drinks?!   Makes no sense.

Students in Manatee County will be banned from bringing energy drinks from home too.  Good call there!  Failure to adhere to the ban, which will be put into place this school year, will result in a warning, followed by a suspension if the student is caught again.

Teenagers love! love! love! these drinks.  A real downside to energy drinks is that research shows that high levels of caffeine can negatively affect heart and brain functions.   Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate caffeine in energy drinks because they are considered “dietary supplements.”  Hmmm … that is another thing I didn’t know.  That’s interesting to me because the FDA does regulate caffeine in sodas.

In all fairness, I have no issue if grownups (i.e. the teachers) need a Red Bull to get through the day.  Let’s face it … kids can be … quite exhausting.  I just don’t think it should be available to kids at school.

Go Florida.  I live here and we often get a lot of things NOT right in this fine state, in my opinion.  But this one is a “no-brainer.”  Good job.

The complete article on the Huffington Post is here:


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