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What is Facebook Phishing?

By Parenting Today's KidsFebruary 19, 2013

What is Phishing?As parents, you often hear things your kids say and are left to wonder what they are talking about.   You  may have heard about catfishing online and learned what it is… but have you heard about Facebook Phishing or Phishing?  The three are not related.

Fashbook Fishing

According to Urban Dictionary, Facebook Fishing is when someone posts a status on Facebook that is very open ended or mysterious in the hopes of getting people to comment on their post. It is often used to gain sympathy from the posters friends.

For example:

Facebook status: “Kim is wondering if it’s even worth it anymore.”

Comment 1: “Hang in there things will get better, I promise.”
Comment 2: “It’s always worth it.”

Observer 1: That’s totally bait for Facebook Fishing.
Observer 2: Yeah she does that all the time to get attention


Facebook Phishing?

According to Facebook, sometimes spammers create fake websites that look just like the Facebook login page. When your child enters his email and password on one of these pages, the spammer records his information and keeps it. This is called phishing.

If your kid’s account has been phished, their account will often start automatically sending messages or links to a large number of their friends. These messages or links are often advertisements telling friends to check out videos or products.

Facebook offers help on their site if your account is automatically sending out spam messages.  Also, tell your kids that if they think their friend’s account was phished, they should tell them to change their password and run an anti-virus on their computer.

  • If child’s account is automatically sending out spammy messages or links they can secure it on Facebook.com
  • If your child thinks his friend’s account was phished, tell them to change their password and run anti-virus software on their computer.

How to Avoid Being Phished

Talk to your kids about phishing, especially if they are new to Facebook.  Tell your kids that alot of phishers attempt to trick people with fake offers that sound too good to be true.

Let them know to beware of:

  1. Messages with misspellings and typos, multiple fonts or oddly placed accents.
  2. Messages that claim to have your password attached. Facebook will never send you your password as an attachment.
  3. Mismatched links: When they hover over a link, look at the status bar at the bottom of your browser window, and make sure the link actually goes to the link shown in the email.
  4. Messages asking for their personal information. Facebook will never ask you for:
    • Your account password
    • Your social security number or tax identification number
    • Your full credit card number or PIN
  5. Messages claiming that your account will be deleted or locked unless you take immediate action.

When in doubt, type www.facebook.com into your browser to get to Facebook.Also, teach your kids to check out official Facebook pages or app Pages before clicking on any promotions.


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  1. Stevie Tryon says:

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is excellent blog. A great read. I’ll certainly be back.

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