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Texting While Driving, Side Effect: Coma

By Teen WritersAugust 3, 2012

Tom 16, South Florida

Just before Christmas last year, a young guy who lives in my community collided with a tractor-trailer on the expressway.  The crash has proved to be devastating.  Cause of incident: texting and driving.  He has been in a coma ever since and shows little signs of recovery.  He is only 27 year old and texting and driving  cut his life short.  The horrific accident rattled the entire community and showed just how fragile life really is and how it can change in less than a second.

Yes, we all know how dangerous texting and driving can be, but did you know 11 teens die EVERY DAY in car crashes involving texting while driving. [1] You are 6X more likely to cause an accident while texting and driving than driving intoxicated and are 23X more likely to get into an accident if you are texting. [2]It is far and away the #1 driving distraction among teen drivers.  Texting and driving doesn’t just hurt you, it endangers the entire population.

How horrific these statistics are; they make me sick.  This atrocious trend involving teens, cars, and texting needs to be terminated.  Teens must realize just how much they are putting themselves at risk when they pull out their phones behind the wheel.  I can recall several accidents some of my friends have been involved in, all of which could have been avoided by simply keeping the cell phone in the pocket. Something needs to be changed and changed soon.  Teens are the ones who need to create the awareness to put an end to the casualties.  We possess the power to instrument powerful change.

Teenagers are the building blocks of the future.  It’s critical the teenage population needs to be educated on how important it is to stay focused while driving a vehicle.  Teens need to start creating the awareness themselves about the consequences of distracted driving among the individuals of their communities.  I think that attacking the issue at the grassroots level would be the most effective.  Being a teen myself, I know just how much an adolescent’s friends influence him or her.  I believe that a peer-to-peer awareness campaign against distracted driving could have a powerful snowball effect.  Often times “peer pressure” is referred to as a bad thing, but in this case, this “pressure” could have incredibly positive repercussions.  If all teens felt that the general consensus among other kids their age was to keep cellular devices away and their eyes on the road, the problem would diminish substantially.  It only takes a little bit of change to go a long way in saving many lives.

By joining efforts to buck the trend to text and drive, the future becomes so much brighter.  Don’t you want safe streets for your teens to navigate on?  Just think of how many millions of dollars of expenses toward car crashes can be saved every year if we all just waited to reach our destination before we check that frivolous text or insignificant email.  We are not turning water into wine here people; efficient, effective change is the only thing necessary.

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[1] Institute for Highway Safety Fatality Facts

[2] National Highway Transportation Administration


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